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Fiverr needs to stop f***g around and get their act together


Requesting a gig is a pain in the ass. I can´t write more than a godamned tweet.

“I want a logo design. simple request”. What happens next? A shitstorm of inexperienced people and bums flood my inbox."

Which leads to a new problem…

#2. The 3 options for sorting the sellers are not working, at all. Ratings aint worth shit, because there´s no effing WAY that thousands upon thousands can have 99% positive ratings. Are you for real?

So, I try sorting by experience. AGAIN… No game. Shit aint working. Which leads to a new problem…

#3. I have to spend huge amounts of time trying do decide which one of these sellers indeed is the golden nugget I am looking for.

I dont care if its called fiverr because of the low rates, call it Benjamins instead. It involves hiring and selling, for money, and should be treated accordingly, with the upmost respect and professionalism.<br /> <br /> You dont ever, EVER **** around with someones money. Period.

I understand that you’re frustrated (many other sellers are as well), but there is no call for language like that here on the forums.

You’ll want to be aware of this from the Fiverr Forum Do’s and Dont’s section:

“All posts: containing abusive language, with derogatory name calling or that negatively calls out another user will be removed. Any violation of this will result in the removal of the comment or discussion and may result in the removal of the responsible member from the forum.”

The buyer request section is usually used by sellers looking to strum up extra business.

High ranking, established logo designers probably won’t offer to work with you through the buyer request section, simply because they already have a never-ending queue.

Do a quick search for ‘logo’ and then filter the results. No need to use the buyer request at all.

What mrproofreading said.

Also, when searching, you could try searching for something a bit more specific than just logo, like retro logo, vintage logo, signature logo… The type of logo you need.

Reply to @kdlmark: What happens next? A shitstorm of inexperienced people and bums flood my inbox.


Reply to @mrproofreading: The buyer request section is usually used by sellers looking to strum up extra business.

You must be joking , am sure english is your first language but i can understand you dont understand your own language which is shameful lmfao

Sellers are here to make money not to hire.

Buyers request ? <<<<<<<< what does it mean ???

Reply to @ilovecustomers: What are you talking about? Can you read?

I clearly said the following: The buyer request section is usually used by sellers looking to strum up extra business.

This means that sellers who have low sales will visit the ‘buyer request’ section to apply for jobs, which will in turn generate sales. How does this not make sense to you? For example, I rarely use the ‘buyer request’ section, as my queue is always full. On the contrary, a new seller with limited sales may use the section to gain additional orders.

Please keep your insulting remarks to yourself, especially when you lack basic English comprehension. Cheers.

Reply to @ilovecustomers: That escalated quickly…

The buyer makes the request and then the seller has to go and offer their services through the “Send Offer” button on each request. Highly skilled logo designers might not often go to buyer requests and send offers to buyers because they have plenty of their own work and don’t need to seek out more…I’m not sure what part of his comment you’re having trouble with.

Reply to @mrproofreading: am laughing hard , the request section is for buyers only not sellers.

business owners cant find a logo they put up a request then sellers find the request and submits a request from there , big problem is buyers get bombarded with messages after that.

what is the use of a seller puting up a request ? a seller is here to sell not spend.

a 5 year old kid will understand all that

lack of english , am not bothered about typo error so long you understand , if you care then fix it , am not insulting am just thinking people miss understood buyers request section.

I used that “buyer requests” few times in past when I had low sales but I think I got nothing with it. I do not know how many deals are made using it but I think they should work on it and it seems like useless.

As a buyer I found more sellers here on forum than using buyer request. I did that 3-4 times till now and never offered a job to anyone as I just didn’t have time to waste on communication with 100 people

Reply to @emasonwrites: Exactly Exactly Exactly Exactly


maybe you should explain to him mrproofreading lol

u said : ecause they have plenty of their own work and don’t need to seek out more.



u said .I’m not sure what part of his comment you’re having trouble with.

Is when sellers spam the request section thinking they will get sales.


buyers request section is for buyers ( title ) says it all ?

for example we know youtube exist but other person will be viewing a youtube video on youtube thinking his on amazon site

Reply to @ilovecustomers: mrproofreading said exactly what I said…that’s why I’m confused as to why you flipped out at him.

He didn’t say anything about a seller posting a buyer request in an attempt to get sales–though we’ve all seen that happen, but that isn’t what he was talking about, at all.

The OP is complaining that the sellers that responded to his buyer request were inadequate…mrproofreading said that it was likely because most of the sellers that send offers on requests are those that that don’t have enough sales (so they go see what people need done and apply for it)–but that most competent logo designers don’t need more sales and won’t frequent the buyers request area. I don’t think mrproofreading misunderstands what buyers requests are for. I think he gets it.

I Requested a Gig over 24 hours ago and it is still in pending…

so many people out there want my gig but they dont know about it.

all I wanted was my home page designed using X theme but no one sees it.

Also how do I see what gigs are out there that people are wanting done…

when you advertise I cant see any like that.

All I see is people saying they can do this and that, not those that are asking to have stuff done…

I love how this thread completely derailed. It put a smile on my face. And to the one who pointed out the forum rules regarding foul language, I stand corrected and I apologize. Cussing is second nature to me, and is actually a cultural heritage as I am from the northern most part of Norway. Check out

Now, that you guys put everything in perspective with that hilarious discussion regarding he said / she said stuff, I actually came up with a key take-away.

  1. Good sellers do not frequent gig request forums. (go figure, I should of known better!)

  2. Don´t use the gig request feature. (I don´t have the time, to go through 100s of requests.)


Reply to @emasonwrites: Thank you for restoring my faith in humans.

Reply to @ilovecustomers: Please read what @emasonwrites said.

I’ll try to simplify my meaning as much as possible for you;

  • As sellers, we have access to a section called ‘buyer requests’.
  • The buyer request section contains requests from buyers who need help from sellers.
  • If I need more sales, I might visit the ‘buyer request’ section to answer their requests.

    However, as I put, if my order queue is FULL, I will not visit the buyer request section as I do not need any more work.

    Now, and I quote:
    ilovecustomers said: a 5 year old kid will understand all that

Reply to @kdlmark: Glad you got the answer you needed. Out of curiosity, did you understand what I meant?

Reply to @kdlmark:

You’re welcome. I’m happy to help. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kdlmark: The gig request has worked fine for me, I haven’t gotten 100’s of request and once I find the seller I like, I just turn it off.

Reply to @kdlmark: The gig request area can definitely be tricky. You may very well get/have gotten some offers from great designers, but if they’re hiding in hundreds of other, not-so-great offers…yeah…that’s just as bad as just searching through the category.