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my old account delete new account create problem have plz told me.


Please be clear. It is hard to understand your concern.


I interest new account create.

my account is old.


You can only have ONE account on Fiverr. I strongly discourage you from starting a new one just because the other one is “old”. Use the old one. Just because something is old, doesn’t mean it does not have value.

Also, keep in mind, if you delete the “old” account, you’ll also be deleting all of the success that account may have gained. Do you really want to start over from zero again?


bro, পুরোনো একাউন্ট ডিলিট করে নতুন একাউন্ট খোলার দরকার নাই। ফাইভার বুঝতে পারলে ব্যান করে দিবে+ পরে যাতে আর খুলতে না পারেন, সে ব্যাবস্থাও করবে। পুরনো একাউন্ট ই চালান। আর যদি মাস্ট খোলার দরকার হয় তাইলে আলাদা কম্পিউটার থেকে খুলেন আর পুরোনো টা সেটিংস এ যেয়ে ডিএক্টিভেট করে দেন। Good luck :slight_smile:

(Used OP’s native language)

Google Translation: "There is no need to open a new account and delete the old account. Do you understand that the ban would ??? + can not open it, he would arrange. Run the old account. If the mast is required to open a separate computer, and then go to Settings to open the old AM was deactivated.

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I didn’t know about providing translation for native languages. But you used google translator, translated English is like the song below:

And, I used native because topic creator seems vulnerable in English:slight_smile:


My respect for you just went right up!!! Wish I could do that!