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Fiverr new account?

I have created three fiverr accounts and working on one of them. But i deleted all these three accounts and again created new one. And now only working on this account.
What should preventive measures i should adopt not to get banned from fiverr.
Now i have only one account. All other are deactivated by me.
Is there any chance that i can get banned or not?

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Actually - No.

If you only have one active account left, I personally don’t see a problem with that. But that you have created 4 accounts is a bit, well - strange.

Please note that this is my subjective opinion. Only the support can help you here.

There is a chance that you could get permanently banned for this as you have already broke ToS couple of times already and you are still on Fiverr.

You have broken TOS a few times.

If you continue doing that you will get banned sooner or later, are you aware of it?

So the measure is -> Don´t break the rules.

Yes, unknowingly I’m breaking Fiverr TOS.
But now I’m following TOS.
I deleted the three accounts saying that i have a duplicate and deactivated.
One account i deactivated saying that i want to change my username.
And this one account only have gigs and two reviews. All other accounts are not active at all, i just created and deleted after some days.

Should i change the mobile and pc that i was using with previous accounts.
Or any other way.

Just write the support and ask them.