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Fiverr new algorithm of gig listing nov 2020


are there anyone more experiencing a drastic loss of sales after Nov 12-14, In my all gigs all impressions and orders went down suddenly after last month. I could not still find a reason for this… all gigs fall down exactly on same days? was there any major update in fiverr?

I can see now lot of new gigs in fiverr best selling category also. even some have not completed more than 100 works and hold 4.8 ratings.

so I am pretty sure that fiverr has changed their ranking algorithms. I am sure they do it to give best to customers.

we have to adapt to their changes. Does anyone have idea about the new factors? In my account I have high standards, I maintain 4.9 rating score, 97% delivery on time, 100% response rate, 98% completion rate.

still I am way down in new ranking method. I want to discuss with community about this new algorithm and so we can identify our faults and improve as sellers. I hope this thread may help lot of people.

Thank you