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Fiverr new categorize

Fiverr update their gig categorize on last few days ago. And send a massage to me to update my gigs. I have updated them as per their category. Some of my gigs are first position for their keyword but when I update them then I can find my gig anywhere on fiverr for their keyword or their category.

Anyone having this issue?? Or know which the problem?

It’s a normal process here on Fiverr. Fiverr regularly adjusts their search results based upon many factors – which we do not know. That’s why it is wide not to rely upon the search system to be your only source of traffic and sales. Promote your gigs on your own, because, to be completely honest, you are not guaranteed regular sales from the search results, merely because you created a gig here on Fiverr.

Put in the extra work to make your gigs successful elsewhere on the internet, and you’ll start to see an increased level of success Fiverr alone cannot provide. :slight_smile: