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Fiverr new design is Amazing


Hey guys
The new Fiverr design is so beautiful, I really love these kinds of designs. The old one was also good but the top black bar was boring(I think). Thanks, Fiverr design team for updating the look of the Fiverr.
Wish you all the best.


Black or white… that doesn’t change anything.
I don’t like the new one because now I don’t have the most useful pages in one click. I have to use a left menu which has been abandoned by lots of website after trying it during a few months (bad for user experience).
And now, I have to go at the bottom of the website to click on forum or blog pages. So annoying… They should hire a user experience specialist!


Huh? I’m not seeing any new designs. Looks the same as always :thinking:


Check it from your mobile using desktop view.


Can you explain why you think the new design is amazing?


the Available Now sign did not show green signal that would be big issue in new design please update it thanks



I still don’t see anything new!!


I find the new design more tricky to navigate - because basically - old dogs - new tricks… the green/black created a separation between “tasks” and other clickable navigation links… Seemed easier to keep track of what needed to be done… :zipper_mouth_face::nerd_face::nerd_face:

I dunno, maybe I’m just old lol :rofl::joy::smile:


I came here because i didnt like the whole white thing, i think the black green top bar is just great, and allows me feel that that area is seperate from every other part of the website, the white, kinda hurt my eyes,

If fiverr wants let them code those night/Light version modes maybe…

But the Green Black Top bar was perfect


It’s just a variation on a theme. It looks slicker and has more white space, which always makes things easy on the eye.