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Fiverr new evaluation method for new product developers & Engineers


Hello Fiverr team.

This is regarding Fiverr level evaluation Method.

I saw your new evaluation method recently. That is great feature to get improve your service.

I am a Mechanical Engineer and Doing new product development services on fiverr. My points are on "Order Completion Rate and On-time Delivery"
As an Engineer i do my best for customers. But i think new product development sellers bit difficult to be evaluated with above two points.
Reason for that is I do designing (R&D) here and customer get the delivery. Then he meets a local manufacturer and do the initial prototypes. So we do not know how long it goes to customer to do their prototype manufacturing. (Because this is done by some companies at the customer end)
Then customer come back again and request changes from me and go again to the manufacturing companies and test the sample and come back to me and get modification.

Until we achieve the final product we follow this steps.
So these are real world product developments related to engineering.

So i think with above two points it is bit difficult to evaluate the seller for this kind of Engineering services.

I think this kind of service should be evaluated using customer satisfaction. See the customer reviews of mine. All they are happy with my service and they have rated me all orders as 5 star.

The reason is customer also have a good understanding about new product developments and 3D modeling related to engineering designs. They know how to develop and how time consuming for this kind of engineering developments.
Both customer and seller have to face “UNKNOWN” problems while develop the new products.
As an engineer i have to find solutions for customer.
So that is why customers comes to engineer and ask for engineering solutions.

I think fiverr team will consider about above points and clarification.
If you have a possibility please absorb above points to the evaluation methods for this kind of engineering service i am really happy. And i think other Engineering product development sellers also have this problem i think.

Kindly expect a solution for this!

Thank you!
Best Regards
Mechanical Engineer


Please consider historical background of fiverr. Fiverr initially started as fiverr dollar market for design and graphic services, slowly moved to other domains yet holding its budget philosophy. All the prevailing systems in place are there for the implementation of that philosophy. Now there is shift in that policy but still it promotes projects within 1 month span. For your style of services i clearly think fiverr is not suitable for that. Only way is to change project management at your end.


That is what call as “growing of a business”


They might “grow as a business” the way you want them to, but until they do, please keep in mind that you’re not allowed to offer a service that takes more than 30 days to complete, and that you’re supposed to complete it within the time frame you have specified on the gig page. To do otherwise means that you’re violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and that you could get banned for it.


Thank you!
I am in the 30 days time frame :slight_smile:
Some buyers are not responsive some times. that is the main reason.
I get advice from fiverr CS.
They asked to simply cancel the order with “buyer not responsive”