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Today we got a notification abut fiverr increasing the Assents of each level seller !

We Improved Gig Extras, More Multiple orders and Improved Level(s) !

Also did you notice a change in your Profile page ?

Fiverr is getting Beautiful, Let us know how your experience with fiverr ?

Team FoxSquare


Reply to @flaviav: Sure it was :slight_smile: when I was a newbie i didnt had the Gig Extra facility so i could only earn $5 per order for my services till I got to level one :slight_smile: But New Fiverrs are lucky :slight_smile: Best of luck :smiley:


Fiverr is beautiful indeed, and the changes that were made today made happy lots of new arrivals (like myself), and to think that at one point everybody thought Fiverr maxxed out on awesomeness :slight_smile: