Fiverr New Feature " My Portfolio "


hello guys fiverr introduce new feature called “My portfolio”.

i show this feature in many seller profile,
can anyone tell me how can i add my portfolio into my profile.??

thank you.


:open_mouth: Dont know what is that? Where did you see that?


plz check pro saller’s gig profile.
i see there are “my portfolio” options visible in bottom area of sellers gig.


Dang… That´s pretty cool. I want the portfolio freature too! :pensive:


I saw this feature only on PRO sellers. I think it’s for them particularly… or maybe it’s only for specific categories?


It would be a really handy thing to have, even if it’s just a link that takes potential clients there.
Shame if it’s just for PRO sellers.


hello @skads7

i also want that portfolio feature im very excited about that.
waiting for that update.


hello @Woofy31

i think so too


I kept looking at other people’s gigs, specifically from design-related categories, and I saw that the new “My Portfolio” feature is not only for PRO sellers.

I also saw this feature on some TRS sellers as well, but I haven’t seen it on L1 or L2 sellers, so far…


I don’t have that feature. I am LV.2 designer.


Neither do I.
Would be great to have it, though.


@san_barrionuevo Yep, it’s definitely great to have that feature as I have a lot of great items that aren’t shown. :slight_smile:


That is weird… I also saw some TRS sellers with that feature, yet I don’t have it as a TRS.

I guess it’s either specific to just a few categories, OR it is AGAIN another selective feature.


hello @Woofy31

its is a very awesome feature bro we need this.


im also lvl 2 and a i dont have it too.


hello @san_barrionuevo
yes bro its awesome to have that feature.


I believe it’s only for specific categories at the minute - keep your fingers crossed for it rolling out across them all!


Maybe the developers would start benching me more as they do to you. We should protest :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


hello @offlinehelpers
i think so too.


i Already Apply for pro Sellers , lets see what happens.
if Fiverr verify my profile as a pro sellers , i wish :frowning: