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Fiverr new Fee's

I Bought a 5$ gig today for 7$ with the new fees of fiverr why is that??
the seller takes 4$ and fiverr 3$. it’s really a very bad news.

Fiver should think about this issue many buyers are not making orders on fiverr because fiverr increases fee. Many seller are saying that they are not getting orders

Fiverr Will only think about how to make more money.

Fiverr will loss their all buyers and then nothing more earning

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I am paying more to Fiverr than in taxes in my country. They say the new fee is a service fee that allows them to run the site or whatever!!! Are they serious? They need the service fee for that?


All sites that have no competitor, they’re doing wether they want, like making more fees. for example like FB Ads before 4 years you pay less for ads and you get good results but now you pay higher you get less results. anyway i’m leaving fiverr now i don’t get order and also i can’t pay 7$ for a 5$ gig i can buy services from other sites.

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