Fiverr New Inbox Update


Finally i am able to use the new update of this no 1 freelancing community-fiverr !
Now its more easy to keep the track of all the messages !
Love this feature!
How many of you got this?

Comment below and share your thought about this


It is not available for all like me.


How can I get it? Please tell me details about this. Is it available all of member?


Fiverr Staff created a thread here. :small_red_triangle_down: Join the discussion!


@rumanaebl It’s an automatic update

Login to your fiverr account through your desktop/laptop browser, you should be able to see it by now !



Dont worry it should be availbe by now ! please check through your desktop browsers


Fiverr new inbox is looking nice.


Do you have any notifcation bugs?


my inbox is not working, I want to contact my buyer but can’t. what should I do.



Yes obviously new updated inbox is an awesome i love it.


I can’t see this kind of inbox in my account.


Hello everyone ! so what problem are you guys facing?


@amzpro when did you open your account?