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Fiverr New Layout, New "To Do" Button


Hello, I don’t like the new layout for the “To Do” Button, now it does not show the numbers of “To Dos” in the top bar, Now I can’t even know how many I have…

Anyone thinking the same? Can we change that?


There have been several threads started about this and the forum consensus is that we really want those numbers back. :-bd


The new look of To Do is useless. The old designs with numbers was very useful…


We should write a letter stating our concerns about the new button and then forward it to CS, it will be just copy paste for anyone who wants to join, I will try to write mine tomorrow.

I think we can change it back.


The design could stay as is to freshen it up but leaving out numbers on the “to-do” list is an impossible wrong decision, I hope this is still in development? This is the main part why people use fiverr, because it is (was?) a possibility to quickly handle your freelancing efforts not like on some sites where you need to watch over a project 20 times. Also the new navigation seems too complicated and things I could achieve in 2 clicks in the past now tend to be 5 more clicks away…

Fiverr, in what direction are you going ?


Reply to @claudioa: Start a petition thread?


I absolutely agree! Sifting through my numbers without that old number is like entering a black hole.


The new look is bad. The old designs with numbers was very useful


After the new Update the gig of mine which sold good is dropped in sales and not showing in Search results as top rated. The gig dropped was the one which is high rated gig but now its dropped, Whats happening?


Reply to @businesssupport:

in my thought new fiverr update make every one become a good seller. that’s the reason dropped our sales and ratings. i don’t know how can i survive this things.


I personally think fiverr should return to the status quo.The former specifies how many “To do” you’ve got and it’s great that way.The new layout is a no-no for me.


And shouldn’t the orange and blue bubble above the new icons at least dissapear if you have everything done?

Why doesn’t fiverr communicate with us in this matter on the forum? This is a huge liability as I’m never certain when I finished and when should I continue to stay around on the site. Additionally you have to go after 2 places instead of one, todo+notifications :expressionless:


Personally I prefer the old layout totally.


we need old todo option .


Yes I agree, seeing the amount of ‘to-dos’ was good and I miss it :frowning:



Reply to @kjblynx: that’s great idea. Can you suggest this to fiverr admins?


Hey guys check me out and give me some tips thnx!


The new look is seriously bad. Apart from the To Do numbers, the size of the font is also not good.


Reply to @inkpetal:

I like the sound of that, how do we proceed?