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Fiverr: new look, same ol' issues! getting slower responses, and more complicated each time!

Support team just keeps getting slower each time Fiverr updates its system. NO ONE seems to attend to users problems and concerns the soonest making the situation worse. Like my case for example: "I NEED to change my paypal withdrawal email A.S.A.P before upcoming revenues gets cleared… Fiverr should program its system to AUTOMATICALLY change / update it’s paypal email once the user changes his / her profile email. NO HASSLE FOR US USERS!

yah this month sales have also been slow because of the changes.

i dont know why most people have issues with CS. I sent them a message and got a response within 2 days… isnt that the normal response time.

Your PayPal email should be automatically changed once you change it after inputting your security question.


Reply to @ozzieuk:

I still haven’t done anything regarding my security question, but it’s still in my to do list. Are you sure that if I do that (add a security question) my paypal email address would be then changed into my fiverr email address? Or do I have to edit my account setting again even after i add a security question? Please let me know. Thanks!


Reply to @shyguy_gee: You just need to add a security question to protect your account.