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Fiverr New Review Bar

Reviews are by customers who bought this service!!

This information bar is pretty unique and showing on my gig!!


God only knows why they decided it was worth wasting pixels to add that in.


Kicking the dog and meaning the master.
I like to think that it’s something subtly directed to those buyers that reclaim the right to leave a review even when they don’t have paid a Gig.


Yes, probably those that cancelled too.
Though I don’t see this on the OP’s gig or others. So it’s probably just being tested/shown to a certain number of buyers and might not stay after the test (assuming it’s supposed to be shown to people other than just the seller).


It could also be for those buyers that keep complaining about being scammed or whatever, and saying that reviews are given without gigs actually being purchased.


I haven’t seen that but I will check it ASAP.

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Might subtly help with buyers not being too surprised when they discover they can’t review if they cancel and get their money back, and who knows, maybe it will help with that, though I doubt it, but like @maitasun , I think it’s much simpler.

Fiverr said they want to be the Amazon of the freelancing world, and “Reviews are by customers who bought this service” is even arguably something that Fiverr does better, at the least it’s more genuine than on Amazon - on Amazon, you can also leave reviews for things you didn’t buy (there or at all, nobody checks that, as far as I’m aware, so there’s a lot of potential for abuse),
and Amazon apparently also makes a difference, with the label “verified purchase” for reviews by people who actually bought from the respective seller, so floating that banner proudly actually makes sense.

We’ve seen enough complaints by buyers here who think there are fake reviews (there can still be, of course, if people come up with enough “criminal energy” but at the least, you actually can’t review without having bought a gig, and this text might reassure buyers who think anyone could just leave reviews as they please without having bought.

ETA: I checked a few gigs and I can see that as well. I see it only above the reviews on the gig pages, not above the reviews on the seller profile page, as a consolation for you, @frank_d :wink: I don’t know if it’s wasted pixels if many buyers wouldn’t know that fact else, but from an aesthetic-white space-y point of view, of course you have a point, the gig pages are quite busy as is, with profile, compare packages, FAQ, other sellers gigs as recommendation and all thrown in below the actual gig description … :wink:

I kind of like that tag, so I think they should roll it out but scrap some other elements for it that divert the focus off the gig, like the “recommended for you” other sellers’ gigs, to make things more uncluttered. :stuck_out_tongue: