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Fiverr New Review System


Hello All Fiverr Members . I Truly say Fiverr New Review System is very bad . we cant see buyer review. Because its destroying seller confident how they work hard here to make much sale but fiverr Making for them to much trouble day by day i m really dis pointed with this new review system . let me explain why suppose if buyer leave mistakenly low rating revew after that we want to fix it there is no prev option so we can send them modification request . i have no idea why fiver doing this but if they cancel this update this will be great because this is really bad update not for me for all seller who working hard here to make alots sales . i hope fiver will note Thank you


Yes this update should be canceled as soon as possible.


I wish Fiverr should consider this issue in favour of all the sellers, soon.


i dont think fiverr will cancel this thing


this is a a very bad update, so disappointed


I agree with you. But Now I am just truly giving feedbacks to clients after this bad reviewing system :sweat_smile:

guess what one of my friends gave a Thank you for a 1star bad review hahaha facepalm!


I have been hammering “customer service” about the same issue(s) … Is the solution to NOT respond & show no feedback? Buyers feedback & comments won’t show up if you (we sellers) don’t write reviews. True? So far I have gotten cut & paste responses from the folks behind the system. I suppose we paying clients don’t mean much to them.


You’re not a “paying client” of Fiverr. You’re an independent freelance professional who offers your services on this site, and shares your profits with Fiverr 80/20.


If a seller does not review the buyer from a specific transaction, the buyer’s review will be revealed 10 days after order completion.


Alternatively, @heirwavman is paying 20% of their income to Fiverr and could well be regarded as a ‘paying client’. :wink:


Not at all. Sellers are not clients of Fiverr, unless Fiverr hires them to do work (whereupon Fiverr becomes the buyer hiring the seller). In normal situations, Fiverr is just a site partner, nothing more. Fiverr owns this site, and every freelancer who voluntarily chooses to offer their services here, agrees to the rules Fiverr puts forward to maintain the integrity of this site, and agrees to share their profit, 80/20 – in exchange for operating their businesses here, and benefiting from the consumer community Fiverr has built.


Fiverr takes 20% of a seller’s payment, so sellers can indeed be seen to be ‘paying customers’ in a similar way to buyers. In effect, they are, as you pointed out, ‘buying’ use of Fiverr’s infrastructure. It just seems a pity that it doesn’t seem to extend to a similar level of support for the review process etc. which is provided to buyers.

Clients/customers - potatoes/tomatoes etc. :wink:


How does this work with tips being 20% because as far as I am aware the taking of tips by an employers in most of Europe is seen as illegal

Let not get on to the commercial usage (full copyright) being divergent from much of the world outside of America. You don’t give full rights without much larger fees in Europe.

I would imagine in future Fiverr will find hostile policy as part of legalisation of gig economy much like has happened with airbandb and Uber have in london and other European capitals


I have delivered 10 logo for $5 but they Given me 1star review, Now I cannot able to place my review, Its Very bad system Fiverr, Please update should be canceled as soon as possible.


Not to beat a dead horse, but I feel the new review system is also bad even when you get positive reviews from a buyers. One of the things I like doing is replying in a personalized way to the reviews people leave. The new system makes me guess at what they’ll say…and write something generic. I’m not able to actually “answer” a review–good or bad. Annoying…