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Fiverr new search algorithm needs to change


Hi All,

I can see that when a buyer search for a service the results not coming based on sellers ratings. I could see that NEW sellers comes top and old sellers are on second or 3rd pages. May be fiverr gives support for new sellers. But always new sellers comes to fiverr, so always new sellers are in the top of the search results. This cause to live old sellers without new buyers over months.

I guess I’m not the one who facing this issue.


Please view this helpful post: Testing our search placement algorithm


Let’s not start this again.

You may have missed the 4-8 forum topics on the algorithm that existed in the past, most of which were closed by the forum Mods. Yes, there is an issue with the algorithm. Yes, Fiverr is aware of it. And yes, Fiverr is already working on fixing the issue.


I was searching for a drummer and bassist the past few days and had a terrible time trying to sort through the more experienced ones with the new ones. In the most obvious positions were newbies. There was no way to find the ones with the most good reviews, or ones with the best ratings and experience. It was frustrating.