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Fiverr New Seller Restrictions add payment method first

Hello There,

I appeal to fiverr that when newbie join fiverr and when he/she create gig fiverr ask add payment method if he/she have payment method then join otherwise restrict because newbie destroy old fiverr community like level one or level two seller


I don’t think you will find much support for making people pay to create a gig. There are other freelancing sites that charge you for selling and one of Fiverr’s unique points is that it doesn’t. I don’t see how new sellers cause problems for leveled selelrs. If their gigs are bad, they won’t sell and eventually the person will leave. If their gigs are good and they do well, they will bring more traffic to the site for everyone.

Good gigs do increase competition on the site, but that wouldn’t stop because of a small fee. Competition still doesn’t hurt you, though. If you have great gigs, are honest and have something unique to offer you will do well even when other people are creating gigs. That’s only my own opinion, however.

I talk about payment method that newbie must having a payment method to join fiverr

I understood that part. My answer is the same.

but you wrtie your first line this
"I don’t think you will find much support for making people pay to create a gig. "

and I not talk about pay I talk about to just having a payment method

OK, I do see what you mean. I don’t understand how that would be helpful, though. People can create gigs, but they can’t withdraw their earnings without a payment method, so how would it help to force them?

The other problem with it is that there are some sellers who don’t need a payment method. It’s not a large number but they exist. They are the ones who only sell here to fund their account to buy other gigs. Fiverr loves them because the money stays within the system.

Yes this is right answer Agree with you kjblynx

people can create fake gigs and destroy our business because fiverr exposure new profile gigs mostly you can’t understand with my logic Mrs.fonthaunt