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Fiverr new social promotion update

i hope fiverr do all the promotion for us and we don’t even have to shear on social to get daily clients and just be focusing only on gig orders cause some sellers here have not a huge social following and if this will convert with higher rates then fiverr promotion it self is very very unlikely . for few days fiverr is integrating the social linking button inside the gig thumbs for handy use but this is something i have don for 2 weeks and i recommend you not to spend all time trying it and instead use the standard promote gig pages …how about you guys pls shear you experience with that


So you want fiverr to do all the work for you?

You aren’t prepared to do any hard work yourself?

Alright then. :joy:


I noticed you joined last month, and have numerous copyrighted pictures on your gigs. I would suggest you fix the problems on your gigs instead of the concerns with gig promotion. Violating Fiverr’s ToS can result in having your account disabled. Using copyrighted material is against the Fiverr ToS.

Edit: I would start with removing the first line from one of your gig descriptions.

“I insure you that this work is not a plagiarism clip-art or has been token form a logo design book. on each design i make a send you a written signed insurance for the art.”


what do you mean with copyrighted material is all is my own design sorry men


Thank you for the clarification. Apparently there are quite a few people using your images. They even have the pictures that your gigs are missing. There are gigs that have 5 variations of the same product you sell. Yours only has one of the pictures that the others do. Not sure how all these people got your pictures when you only have one of them up?


please send me a link to check that out my self ! i will really appreciate that

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