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Fiverr New Update- Single Star instead of Five Stars

Hi Doers,
Hope you have noticed the new Fiverr Updated where Five stars in a Row (Review) are replaced by a single star.
I have a 4.7 star review that is not converted to 4.5 star because of this update… Doesn’t sound good!
It’s quite simple but I don’t think it’s as attractive as the previous style.
What’s your opinion regarding it?

  • Yes, I like this update.
  • No, I don’t really like this.

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Let’s have some chit-chat over these updates.

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i do not care, fine with me,
Hint – I am new

Are you refering to this new change ?

That page is about Fiverr no longer showing seller lifetime reviews. The OP is referring to stars now also being removed and ratings being rounded down. The two issues are separate but diabolically related.


No, I am talking about this


Aha A new update!! I guessed so , that’s why I asked. I didn’t get that update yet.
Thank you cyaxrex & muhammadfaheem0 .
Edit: now I can see it too.


I see 5 :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: on my profile, but 5 :star: on my reviews.

Yes it is. I got his both update, today :slight_smile:

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