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Fiverr Newbie Buyer Questions?

This is aimed at the fiverr buyers out there. Are there any questions that you have regarding fiverr, that don’t seem to be answered when you sign up? What about anything that you don’t see listed here on The Official Fiverr Forum ?

Are you nervous about selecting a gig, or don’t know where to start?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of similar gigs out there, and need help choosing one?

Do you want to know how to maximize the bang for your fiverr bucks?

Post any concerns that you have here! We’ll get an answer for you in a jiffy.


Nancy Robert

Thanks for offering to answer this. I’ve got one. Once the content is created, do I own it across all platforms? …or are there going to be hidden charges based on my intended use. For example, if I get an animated video of my product produced, are there additional charges if I want to place it on my website, or You Tube, or hypothetically speaking, if I run it on network television? I don’t see anything related to this when trying to select a gig. If you can point me to the fine print of Fiverr that would also help a lot. Thank you.

Hi there,

I am new to all of this and have been let down in the past so I am nervous about purchasing straight away. Do you have any advice for this? I would like an animated video of my product but there are several seller offering exactly the same thing, how do I know which one suits my needs - do they have a show reel I can see?

Does the Seller on Fiverr see the buyers’ email address either when the order is placed or when payment is made via Paypal for example?

I just completed a transaction, and now I see an option to leave a tip. Is this standard? Does the seller expect it kind of like a waitress? Any feedback would be appreciated.