Fiverr Newbie here (CA)


Always wanted to try out Fiverr. Where can I post details about my gigs


Heey! You should! It’s a great platform, btw what do you mean?



Do you mean where can you promote your gigs?


Welcome. You can post a link to your gig on the forum under the category My Fiverr Gigs. The link must be in the actual post and not in the heading. Have a look at other gigs in that category to see how this is done.


welcome, new sellers
I at times still feel new to Fiverr. I am grateful to have somewhere i can work and express my ideas


Hi Anne. Welcome! I am from CA as well.


Hello! Welcome to Fiverr! I’m from CA as well, I wish you the best of success on here :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys :slight_smile:

@vickiespencer: Yep, that’s what I meant


Welcome Anne, hope everything is going well so far . have you how much gigs have you made so far?