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Fiverr Newbie Looking for Gig Advice!

Hello! I just made the account today and posted my first gig. I realize now that I probably should have more than one but I’m unsure of how to divide up my different services. I’m a concept artist and Illustrator and on my gig, as part of the description, I list the various end-products I can accomplish. I think however, it might be super overwhelming for one gig, now that I’ve been reading posts on this forum with tips. If anyone would be kind enough to look at it and maybe advise me as to how I can simplify it into several different gigs and/or give me advice on how to make it better in general, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for your time! My gig link is here GIG LINK
<3 Rachel


First of all, welcome to Fiverr, and your work is great!
Judging from your skills I’m sure your price is very low but because you are still new here
and you don’t have orders yet, maybe you can set up a basic $5 gig for a rough black and white sketch?

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Thank you so much!! I appreciate the tip about the $5 black and white sketch gig, I’ll definitely consider it. You mentioned that my price is very low, do you think I am underselling my work or is it in an ok range for a newbie on here? Thanks again for the compliment and for the response to my post!

That’s a good question :thinking::thinking: I’m a freelance illustrator myself, and outside Fiverr, my black and white sketches starts from $50, and for a colored image I can easily go up to $200, so yes, outside Fiverr that might be underselling, but here at Fiverr I think it’s a good price to start if you are a beginner.

For beginners, having a $5 gig does help, judging from your drawing skills I’m sure you can crank out a black and white sketch fairly quickly.

Another thing is that the list you have is very nice, but because you cover a wide area you might want to create separate gigs for that, so you can show sample images for each category like backgrounds, props, banners, etc.
It also looks like you can design nice costumes, maybe create a gig for that too??

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Oh wow, thank you for the insight on the pricing, that helps a lot. I guess I’ll start low to begin with and slowly increase if I see any success, since that seems like the formula for working on here. I’ve started organizing different categories of work I’d like to have as an individual gig, and I hadn’t even thought to include costume design as one, so thank you! I’m definitely going to use the list i have in the current gig to help me figure out each gig since I can have 7. I really appreciate your advice, thanks again so so much!

Gig image, Description and tittle are the most important facts in fiverr. So make something impressive and unique!
I saw your gig and thinking about gig image. If you add some eye catchy text in your gig image it helps to grab some attentions from your audience.

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Thank you so much for the insight, I’ll try it out and see what happens!

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I thought I’d throw this in too,
Some people create a screen shot time-lapse video (is that what they are called?) of themselves drawing.
I myself don’t have a video, but I hear that videos help all the time.
People tend to enjoy looking at the process of images being created,
if you have the right equipment ( or know people who can help out, ) maybe you can give that a try.

I actually do have a few speed-painting videos I’ve done but they’re longer than the time frame allowed for a video upload on here, so I’ll have to cut them down first. But that’s definitely something I want to do! Thanks for the tip!!