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Fiverr Newbie Needs Advice

So far, I have received zero orders for gigs. I’ve read and followed all of the advice given in the forums. I’ve shared my gig on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I put a link in my gig to my online portfolio. I’ve even made signs and put them on grocery store bulletin boards and at the post office. I tried to use the buyer request thing, but it must be broken . It says there are no buyer requests for logo design…

Any advice ?


Hello there, and welcome to Fiverr!

You’ve only got one gig - as a newcomer, you can have up to 7 gigs - why not use a few more of them.

You say in your profile you were a freelance writer - perhaps you could put those talents to use in a gig or two? Are there any other gigs you could offer - I see you’ve got letterheads and business cards as package upgrades - how about offering these as standalone gigs?

Anyway, hope this helps, and good luck!


Hi, psgdesignsofvt. even i am facing same problem now. Keep try. I am sure you will receive order very soon.

Of course improve your gigs and try sharing.


For a limited time, I am sharing my talents with the Fiverr community

Get rid of “For a limited time”.

I’m a freelance writer turned graphic designer/artist.

Change this to “I am an artist and a graphic designer.”

Gig description is not simple and clear. With your writeup, you need to give more confidence to prospective buyers that you can indeed deliver quality work that they are looking for.

You can rename “One logo plus package” to something better.

The title of your gig and the gig packages are not in sync.



Welcome to Fiverr. Take on board the suggestions made by the previous posters. Also you need to be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile:

Have you tried using a different example of your work? That eyeball kinda makes me feel woozie.

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Yeah, wait a little more than 6 days. Most people here can go over a month without a single order.

Same zero views zero orders thug life​:joy::joy:

It took me 2 months to get my first order, so unfortunately it can take time. I think you may need more comprehensive samples displayed on your gig though.
Show some examples of logos you’ve done, or if you are starting out, make some so you have a strong portfolio. As it stands you have a graphic which looks cool, but the font used is generic so those looking for a unique font might not have confidence in getting a logo, since typically font is involved. Anyways, my 2c, good luck!

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