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Fiverr not active my gig back


1 month ago my active gigs just paused due a complaint from ********* and fiverr ask to a approve to reactive my gigs

so i contacted with ******** and solved problem with them but fiverr support still not accept and reactive my gigs back i tried to contact with support about this to solve somehow even i get a letter from ******** which says it is okay but fiverr don’t active them back

so it is possible to create a new gig for me but i already made 500+ 5 star feedback so i want my gig back because i think this is my right to get it back am i wrong?


You can write a new gig. You will not lose your reviews. They all are still there, and you are still a level two. :slightly_smiling_face:


it’s against of forum rules to call any users name on the post. Please edit the post & remove the buyer’s name.
What service did you provide in the gig?


I do not think ********* is a user. :thinking: In Google search it is an airline company. :wink:


Oops! btw we have a user in Fiverr with the same name :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds as if you’ve tried conveying this to Fiverr but still it’s a no-go. CS are the folks with the power. We are a mix of Buyers/Sellers so we don’t have the power to overrule anything. Politely ask CS to have a look at the supporting evidence, again?


Well then maybe it was another user. I see OP erased it. :laughing:


Thanks to point it to me :wink: I think one of our moderator edited the post.


Yup! So, I edited my post, too. :smiley:


yes but in gig page won’t show which attract buyers

it is not a user i talking about the company

i tried a lot created several tickets to ask why can’t be reactived and didn’t get any response and then just get answer say not received letter from company but i have email i can proof that also already have a copy of letter as well but they don’t want to make it active back :frowning:


are you sure? as i know reviews won’t shown in new gig will shown on profile yes but in gigs page or search page buyer will see it as a new gig not 500+ reviewed gig


.You copied exactly what I said. :open_mouth: Please think of your own comment to post. :wink:


But that is not polite. It is better to like a comment than copy it. :slightly_smiling_face: In that way you show you agree.


yes, i have a not time reading & typing so i can copy and paste
any your problem so i am sorry


Thank you for the apology. However, if you do not have time to read what the OP wrote, why would you even comment?:thinking:


How come you do not have the time to read and write?
Take the due time to elaborate your answer. This is not a chat.


ok i am so so so sorry please leave me


Thank you again for your apology. I will leave you alone after I make one comment.:blush:

You are not the first poster to copy and paste another person’s post. But I think you re truly sorry and will not do it again. :+1: Maybe the others who are tempted to copy and past comments will not do so after reading this thread. :thinking:


In addition to what @vickiespencer said, copying and pasting someone’s post is a really, really bad way to promote your profile. It might make buyers think that that’s what you’d do with their order, too (just copy someone else’s logo and sell it as original work).