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Fiverr not give any feedback customer support

my account became restrained for verification.
i send a mail through support but they not reply, please give me a suggestion now what can i do??

You can Just Wait 48 Hours After 48 Hours they will not response you than you can closed your submit request and in a few minute later again open they will response you in a few hours this is my personal trick i hope its work other wise they costumer auto response received on your mail with additional 10 Business day

can i get back my account sir?

You mean ‘restricted for lack of ID verification’? It depends on why the verification failed.

We on the forums are buyers and seller like you, and have no access to your account. You will have to be patient and wait for support to get back to you.


they reply me and solved my problem.

thanks all for support :grinning::grinning::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: