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Fiverr not loading at all?

Is it just at my end or the servers and app of Fiverr has been facing issues all day long? When i click Available Projects, it won’t load. It shows nothing on my inbox either and earlier the day i noticed that the Available Projects number was exact same as i had left last night with the same project being offered last night. Is it just at my end or others are facing issues as well?

Same issue of mine. I can not able to login in my mobile apps.

Mine is logged in, but i have been facing this issue Thursday on wards, the thing is even if it loads up. The buyer requests remain same and their doesn’t seem much activity and at times it shows my inbox empty.

Maybe,this problem arise after updating fiverr mobile apps.

Very first time,I faced this problems too.

But,It becomes quite normal now for me.

Are you facing this problem till now?

Its just like for some hours it works and for some it doesn’t, buyer requests remained same all day long with the same request being last one posted but they started changing and new buyers requests being shown but from what i saw last night i assume that it’ll happen again.