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Fiverr, not paypal (yet) account hacked.. someone using my account to buy gigs

I am a seller on here for Five years, and this has never happened… I just received notification “Thank you for your order from…”, the order was for 50.00, which of course was promptly removed from my account. I cancelled the order, and one minute later the hacker cancelled the cancellation. This has happened THREE more times… me cancelling, they uncancelling. I have wrote Fiverr a support ticket, but HOW does this happen?

Most likely someone has gotten access to your information. You need to be really careful clicking on links or attachment without scanning those. I am very sorry to hear this and hope you can get this resolved quickly. Did you try changing your password?

This is extremely worrying. Please keep this thread updated with your progress on resolving this matter.

First up I’d check your PC/devices for viruses/malware, who knows what’s on your system? Secondly after you’ve done that and either found your system clean or has been cleaned from these nasties, I’d change EVERY ACCOUNT
PASSWORD you’ve entered, esp your banking details and in this case your Fiverr account. Also get a notepad and jot down all the details and keep it in a safe place and NEVER store your account info on your PC, at the very least keep it on an external device like a USB stick, if spam

As someone well - versed in computer security, I NEVER click on links or e-mails that I don’t recognize… ever. I did btw get Fiverr to cancel the orders and got my money back into my account. Of course now I have to send them a photo of my license, etc. to prove that I am me. ugh

Glad you got this worked out. Very scary!!!

Did you ever click and respond to an inbox that linked you to a (usually terrible, in my experience) “Fauxerr” website? I pretended to be a bag of rocks and asked them lots of questions but their only response was “yes you must sign on again to see the real response”. The URL was something like

I should have been a bit more strident, I think. Oh well.

No, never.

Spam, would entail I direct link my services, I didn’t do that, I mentioned if they need further help I could help them, good to see Fiverr doesn’t want us to help other sellers… :frowning:

Admin Note: Spam is offering your paid services in categories other than My Fiverr Gigs.

yeah the phishing on here is pretty bad, maybe if Fiverr filtered and monitored that I wouldn’t have to offer my services to help others, don’t worry I won’t “spam” my services again on here, LMAO :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway if you need further help PM me (is that allowed Fiverr mods?) I would be more than willing :slight_smile:

I would guess the order that was placed was to the hacker’s fiverr account possibly.

That crossed my mind, but Fiverr doesn’t even look into it “for privacy reasons”. Anyway, the guy that received the order has been on here a long time as well, so I don’t know… Anyway, everything got fixed in the end. Except that the hacker is probably hacking some other Fiverr seller now.

Yeah that’s hilarious you get accused of spamming in their as well, so what’s the point of it? :confused:

More than likely a balls up at Fiverr’s end, which is really worrying if it is indeed the case? :frowning:

i had a similar experience when my fiverr account was hacked and someone tried to place an order and also tried to create a new buyer request…

i changed the password and also reinstalled Antivirus…if i would not have acted fast i cud have lost a lot… and also that Hacker deleted all the messages in my Indbox as well :frowning: