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Fiverr not promoting me to Top Rated even after meeting up with requirents

Hello friends.I dont know why fiverr won’t promote me to Top Rated even after meeting up with requirents. Any reason?

If you type “why not TRS” in the search bar above there are over 50 topics on the subject which you may find interesting.


The requirements are to be nominated for TRS but it’s a manual decision whether to actually promote to TRS once all the displayed requirements are met.

I think they might prefer a different image being used for each gig though. Maybe they might take into account earnings (not just all time), communication, ratings etc. too. eg. after you’ve been nominated for a while they might promote you to TRS. One person waited years I think after meeting the requirements then was promoted to TRS.

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These sellers are called “Top Rated” for a reason. Fiverr hand-picks sellers who have met the requirements, but not everyone gets the rank. You never know when you could receive TRS. It might be today, might be tomorrow, maybe next month, or maybe never. There’s no way to know.

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