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Fiverr not respond for Money withdrawal


My account was closed last December.there was a considerable money in pending clearance.After I have got a message from fiverr customer Support,It says "Please contact 11th February 2015 to release my revenue.

After I contact fiverr customer support… Unfortunately Still no answer…! How could I release my money…!

Please release my money immediately.

Thank you


can you send us some pictures?

Is that money still in pending clearance?


So you made another account?

yours says Member since February 2015 c From Sri Lanka

cscolman said: How could I release my money...!
The only thing you can do is wait for customer support to get back to you. Support rarely checks the forum and there is nothing any other users can do to help you.


Reply to @agent_47r: there is no any screen shot.because I didn’t think that I would be became like this situation.But fiverr allowed once to sign in to my account to release my revenue at 13th of february.Unfortunately it didn’t work.that is the problem which I have.


Reply to @ardicus: thank you for reply.

I made new account for use this forum and post my sadness.My account which I work hard was closed in last December.


This is true.But I know they stole my money because my ticket was submitted 96 hours ago… still no answer.also I requested to respond my ticket in Fiverr facebook page and twitter.finally they blocked me…


Reply to @cscolman: You really need to stop whining and take care of your business. Fiverr support can take some time to get back to you (to anyone), you need to be patient and allow them to look into your issue. Nagging and hounding on Facebook & Twitter did not help, did it?

Besides, you need some humility, if your account was closed in December and they were holding your funds, it is most likely because you broke their rules.

Submit a new ticket and conduct yourself politely, and you just may get your money back soon.


Reply to @cscolman: they do that all the time. Support sucks from begging of this year. Really disapointed