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Fiverr Not Responding

Hello Fiverr,

My Fiverr Account “prtips4u” banned by Fiverr CS, But When I try to contact them from HELP Section,

I fill that form ask about my account,

After submit my request confirmation mail sent to my email,

(Request not yet submitted, Please check your email to verify and submit your request.)

after click on confirmation link from email, it go to Fiverr logging page, but my account not allowed to logging, because it’s ban, without logging account I’m unable to submit request to customer support.

Then I go to ■■■■■■■■■■■/Fiverr.
I tell my question on Twitter, after ask that I not get any reply since 3 days.
Then I found Fiverr was bloked me on Twitter. (Screenshot Check)

I worked on that fiverr account since 3 years.
MY cleared fund was $100+ and orders $75+
Now I'm unable know even reason to ban my account.
I know some people get fund after 45/90 days.
But I'm unable to even contact them, block even on Twitter.

Why Fiverr do this for people,
Why they get hard wekers money doing this kind scam methods.

I try logging from Android Fiverr App( reason it for ban account)

(I created this account post on Fiverr Forum, I want know even reason to this, and get my hard worked money)

Hmmmmmm, interesting!!! You must have done something illegal …that is the only thing I can think of…

Email Make sure to include all of your account information.