Fiverr Not Responsive, Order #FO63A4C0C586


Bad experience with Fiverr customer service. I paid for a gig, PayPal sent receipt, Fiverr sent me email with order number and link. NOTHING on fiverr site relates. I can’t go to a"Resolution…" because the order never showed up. This is disgusting.


I am a BUYER not a SELLER


How can you get a human to respond in customer service? So far no luck but the site says let’s have a cold beer, so maybe they are all out.


I’m having a similar experience right now. Fiverr says the order is delivered however I cant find anywhere on the site at all to collect the logo I ordered. This is very disappointing. I have sent a message to the seller so hope to get a response.


Hi jec9073 ,sometimes due to server related problems, the site might have some issue, but dont worry, they will get back to you soon. You can send your complaint either using customer support page or use Fiverr tweet, or Facebook them.

Hi maggijane , I also have experience about the delivered thing. As a seller, sometimes after I send my work to my customer, the file didn’t appear there. So as a seller, I need to deliver more than 1 time. So, ask your seller to send your logo again. If he dont respond to you, contact Fiverr customer service.


The new Fiver customer services is incredibly responsive. Try again if not resolved yet.



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