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Fiverr- not showing the online/offline status correctly?

I don’t know if anyone else noticed this, but it happened to me several times this week.

Example: I go to the inbox section and I see my buyer online. Then, I verify on the order page, it shows him online. I go on the app, it shows him online.

(also refreshed the page to verify it correctly)

Two minuted later: I check and it says ‘‘Last seen 47 min ago’’. It is a bit frustrating because (among other aspects) if this happens to buyers, they might think sellers are unprofessional for being online and not answering to their messages.

It could also be an issue just with the ‘‘last seen’’ feature, which might not work correctly.

Did anyone else experience this? :confused:

There’s a 15-20 mins delay for server propagation for update. Customer Service stated this in a ticket to me.

So even after you clocked out, it will still show you as online sometimes.

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Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

(it’s amazing how you’re always the one to enlighten me :blush:)

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Item viewed…

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Yeah facing same. It’s weird! :frowning:

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DJ is the forum God don’t you knows.


the best way of solution
use your mobile phone and keep awake your fiverr app
change settings if necessary
i use this technique everyday

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Same problem. I got a reply from world’s worst fiverr support team. I don’t understand where they get those Peculiar ideas!

“In order to appear “online,” you must be active on the site for at least 15 minutes. It is not enough to be logged in and refresh the browser to be considered online. You need to be doing work on the site, whether you are discussing with potential buyers or responding to Buyers Requests.”

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