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Fiverr Not so Friendly on New Sellers

I have been of Fiverr for a over a month now. I chose to offer the simplest of gigs, transcription services (based on my abilities). However, I am yet to get a single contact from any buyer, not to talk of a sale. Whereas, I see some other sellers offering the same transcription services with over 30 queued orders.
If gigs with over 30 queued orders are top of the featured gigs or search results on a particular service, how do people with gigs that have had zero orders, and lost in the abyss get a sale?
With the way things are going, I don’t feel I will ever get a sale on Fiverr. The system should be a little bit more friendly to new sellers who are skilled. If it requires a skill test, then so be it. If I don’t I don’t make sales, how do I get positive reviews? If I don’t undergo a skill test, how do I prove my abilities, Without all these, there’s nothing to brag about.


Don’t worry bro. keep try. never give up


How do you explain the fact that everyone on the site was a new seller and in the same place as you are now at some point?


Youngem20, I don’t see your Gig page.

It’s only been a month, give it time. Try buyers request every once in a while to see if any jobs are posted but it eventually winds down to patience. Not all buyers are up for taking on new sellers which is unfortunate but that’s how things are currently. Who knows, maybe time will tell.


very true @ Newsmike. Thanks for the reply.
Everyone who now enjoys a top spot was actually a new seller at some point. But I feel it’s more difficult now for new sellers, because the competition is a lot higher now

Don’t forget the fact that those with 30 orders in queue worked their way to where they are now! You also have to work for sales. The fact that your gigs are up doesn’t mean sales will come knocking automatically.

As a new buyer, being online regularly helps you. Look at what other sellers in your niche are offering and try to modify yours to offer more value. Promote your gigs outside of Fiverr and use the buyer requests regularly.

Some people were here for months before making their first sale. Don’t give up, don’t give in, there’s a reason for everything!


As @pacquo pointed out, it’s difficult to do well on Fiverr without an account? :sunny:

You don’t seem to have one?

uh oh!!! There’s a mix up. I was on Fiverr since the early parts of december, I had no sales. So I gave up and deleted my account (yeahh… I know that’s not the spirit of a winner). I wanted to open my account back after receiving good recommendations from existing sellers. I was denied access using my old email, so I opened another email account and registered a fresh account since the early parts of February. However, I am still logged in with my old account in the forum without realizing it. I just did now. the account I am referring to has the username mattsteves

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opened another account since the early parts of January I meant to say.

I did a lot of studies on the forum, read a lot of writeups. I know it’s important to always stay online. I even downloaded the Fiverr app in a bid to always stay online.

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yeahh… I know (I sounded a bit jealous, and it’s not cool). a lot of people with many orders now once faced similar issues.

thanks @ topaz_muse. I will keep believing.

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Ok. I had a look to your Gigs. Compared to the existing competition on Fiverr in that field, prices seem too high for a new seller.


okay… If that’s the case, I’ll bring down the prices. Thanks Pacquo. I appreciate the time.

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The good news is that because you have experience, if you hang in there you will succeed. Good Luck!

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Isn’t this the problem?

sorry! That kind of sounded rude.

Yeah @newsmike. I’ll work on my patience a little bit more. And the experience like you said, is key to my progress. Thanks for the kind words.

Transcription is interesting, but time consuming. My personal suggestion is to avoid tasks with a too tight deadline, because they can backfire. From time to time you will find transcription offers of that kind in the Buyer Requests section. Use your judgment.

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