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Fiverr not working but only on Chrome?


I don’t know if this is Fiverr or just me needing a new laptop, but I almost threw everything out my second story window because nothing was loading.

So I opened up Microsoft Edge, the browser that everyone has but nobody uses, and Fiverr booted up fine. There was no issue with any other site on Chrome, just Fiverr, which is why I initially thought that Fiverr was undergoing maintenance.

But it works just fine on Edge. So I am not sure what the hell is going on, just wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue?


Working fine for me on Chrome. I actually have problems with Edge and IE cutting half the pages off when I log into Fiverr. I haven’t tested it with Fiverr yet as I don’t like logging in from different browsers to frequently but I am really liking a new browser called Vivaldi.

Also, it could be a problem with your OS. My computer has been working fine for years but recently I had to upgrade to a new hard drive and now for some reason have huge flash and long-running script problems on some webpages. When in doubt, always have a live Ubuntu USB ready to boot up just to see if it is a hardware or local OS problem.


Same for me on chrome website will not load alone the logo and no gigs, continuing loading…


Same here. Not working on chrome.


Fiverr is working great on Chrome for me!


It’s working for me on Chrome.

edit: as soon as I wrote that, it didn’t load a couple of times, just the top header loaded, then when I refreshed it the third time it loaded.


when i use it on my phone browser it doesnt accept except chorme