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Fiverr not working in my pc

fiverr on my pc is not loading and when it loads it shows plans css please fix my problem i have pending order but i cannot do anything in fiverr it is not working


Can you share your Internet service name i will try to help because same problem i’m face ago some time on local internet leo

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What happens if you refresh the page with CTRL F5? Or try a different browser (or log out and in again/remove cookies and re-try?)? Or if you still can’t get it to load correctly, can you scroll down and see things you need (even if badly formatted)?


The problem is related with either your internet speed or your browser. Ping and check network connectivity . and also can delete browser cache , cookies . it might help you.


i have ptcl internet

i have done everthing you said but still seeing this from tommorow

Was it the same with Firefox? I’d try that or a different browser than the one you’re having problems with if you can.

It’s probably due to the CSS pages like you said in the first post. It looks similar to if you choose “no page style” in Firefox instead of “basic page style”.

Mine working well but I face this few time and it automatically get restored after few minutes…
As far as I know Its slow speed internet as @badrul_amin said !

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mine internet speed is fine

it is not working in firefox also

You can use incognito mode or change your browser then visit your fiverr profile.

The problem is with your internet connectivity . Now i am sure after looking at your screenshots. WI-FI network bar keep changing.
Brother , Ocla is biased. please try Google Fiber speed test. and also open cmd and ping your ip. you might have purchased good internet package but the problem is with your connectivity issue. Fiver site has full of high resolution images and you need minimum data speed to hit fiver server and show you full information .

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this is what i am getting

It might just not be able to load the CSS files or whatever other pages Fiverr needs to make it look correct.
In your firefox screenshot it shows it’s waiting for google ads/ so it might be taking a long time to try to load from that site too.

Maybe it’s something to do with the timeouts/packet losses like shown in your screenshot above?

Maybe it will go right after a while when the connection is better/when there’s no issue loading from the required sites/pages.

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May be server problem. You may talk to your internet provider

Try using Windows browsers like internet explorer or Microsoft edge, Sometimes in my chrome delivery button doesn’t work or page hangs so I use Microsoft edge and it works fine there.

I think your internet slow?you can share your problem your internet service provider. or you can delet your browser cash than reload fiver account…I think your problem will solve

you can try this and check if it works for you

Step 1: Go to (C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc)
Step 2: open ‘hosts’ with a text editing program (notepad )
Step 3: Delete all text in here.

Restart you pc and check fiverr webpage.