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Fiverr notification!

Fiverr application and Hike application in android phones have same notification icon on top of mobile screen
Most of time am confused when new notifications arrived.

Finally when pop down the notification bar then get to know which application notification is that.

Did you got the same problem ?

Fiverr andoid app is crap. Use the website.

Both the android app and the iOS app have several limitations and problems. Even if I’m on a tablet or phone, I use a browser for anything to do with Fiverr. Unfortunately if you rely on the apps you will probably miss some important things. Last time I tried the apps I only got notifications at all about half the time.

Yeah the experience with the Android app was really bad before but now they are improving it everyday, I mainly use it just to get the notification, read or reply messages. it lacks many features though but can be helpful when you don’t have access to laptop.