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Fiverr NOTIFICATIONS needs improvements

This is so true we badly need it not just on our phones but also for the desktop versions. This is the key element to getting Buyers’ attention faster. I mean c’mon these days whatever site you go on they all try to offer some sort of notification messages but unfortunately such a thing has not been taken care of on Fiverr.
I use desktop for fiverr and even for a new message or notification all I get is a BOP sound I mean cmon

What do you guys think?


There is also a live notification popping up on desktop version of the site in lower right corner if I’m not mistaken. It was so annoying that I had to turn it off. And there is a sound. And an email. And the notifications list in your messages. I’d say it’s more than enough.

PS I completely forgot a little red dot that shows up next to the fiverr icon in Chrome bookmarks panel even if you don’t have fiverr opened in any of the tabs.


Ohhhh, but you’re lucky… At least you get a sound! Any sound, it doesn’t matter, but a sound! :sweat_smile:


You get an e-mail when you’re contacted. Just set up your e-mail client, and that’s it. Also, the phone notification is enough - when are you at the computer without having the phone by your side?

In addition, "This is the key element to getting Buyers’ attention faster. " makes no sense. If they send you a message, you already have their attention.

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I don’t even get consistent notifications when someone message me for the first time and this leads to the potential account demotion. I hate to see Fiverr not improving this

You only have to check it once every 24 hours to avoid any late responses. Go on Fiverr once every day and notifications are not relevant.

My phone alerts me to new messages and new orders. I also get emails about them.

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This is true especially those who are on Fiverr everyday, but it defeats the purpose of even having a notification system that is not consistent