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Fiverr Started Browser Title bar notification .for example in facebook, linkedin and etc website are shown, new updates count in title bar. But fiverr have no count Just Red dot Over favicon icon !
Hope fiverr ll add counter and Sound notification Sooner!

It is a little difficult to understand what you are saying, but it doesn’t seem like a fit for Tips. Moved to Conversations and if you want to try to get people talking, this is a good place.

I also observed this red dot on fiverr icon. Why is there red dot?

I think this is to indicate that you have received notifications on Fiverr.

Yes, whenever I have new notifications on Fiverr, the red dot is there, and when I don’t, the red dot disappears.

(Now I feel like a cat chasing the red dot)

Yeah, I saw this! Thought it was my browser bugging out, as the dot was there still even after I marked all things as read and answered all messages. But now it’s not visible anymore even if there’s new updates. But it’s a cool feature, if it works like it should!

in Near future Fiverr will have sound notification for desktop users !