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Fiverr Notifier App Mock Up


Hello! This is Kai! Like many of us here do suggest, here it is! It occured in me too. If ever we are away from our work stations, we are unable to see the notifications from our accounts. Maybe an app would help. So here goes nothing. I made an app mock up called Fiverr Notifier. (see image attached)

It is just a notifier so there is no “Search Gig” function or the fiverr homepage. It accesses our messages and “To Do” list in our accounts. The menu/list works like an accordion ( but for mobile devices. As you tap or click the selection, a drop down menu will appear, and so on. Notice would pop up in the right side of the menu, if ever there is. So that’s it. Just a simple app for all of us. I don’t know how to make it functional so I just did a mock up. :smiley:

Hoping the devs could see this. Thank you and have a great day!

P.S. Those are just mock up details too! (e.g. amount and orders) And also, I FORGOT A REFRESH BUTTON! :frowning:


If ever the image appears to be broken, please refer here.


Wah! Is the image working?


Another option! Sorry about this external link:


Made it out of the blue. If ever there’s an official app already, let me know coz I wanna use it too! :smiley:


Well I am searching a apps from many days. Sometime I brows it from my android but the website is display very bad on it. I don’t know when our dream come true and we will get android apps.