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Fiverr now needs passport

I have national Id card but it is not even available to verify it in fiverr. My god, I can’t believe fiverr just stopped me from getting orders just because I don’t have passport. How easily they said we can’t do anything right now. Been selling in fiverr with 5 star rating, now everything gone😭


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Your gigs look active to me. I’m guessing you’ve already contacted Customer Support?

Do you have a passport?

I’m sure Fiverr wouldn’t make you purchase one if you don’t have it.

If you don’t have a passport, you could use your drivers license.

If Fiverr insists you need a passport, then you’ll need a passport. Once you get it you’ll be able to resume, even if it takes a more than 7 days to acquire.

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so Is everyone now going to need a passport to work on fiverr? Is it new policy? They never asked me for passport!!

That’s why I’m planing for a passport.

Not everyone does, no. I don’t know your exchange with CS. I don’t know how good your picture was. I don’t know anything except what you said, and that’s that ‘Fiverr stopped you, because no passport’. For all I know, they said passport because your ID is damaged and the picture didn’t work.

Here: SUCCESSFUL Fiverr ID Verification: Here's what you need to know

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