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Fiverr now sucks

I’ve just gone on fiverr to get a logo. I see fiverr is now an advertising platform instead of a cheaper resource. I have no problem with people making good money for their work but fiverr was never set up for that. There are better sites to pay full fee.


Why would sellers work on Fiverr if they couldn’t get “good money for their work”?


You seem to have the mindset that everything on fiverr should cost $5.

Sure, that was what the site was like at first, but it has changed a lot since then. With the quality some sellers are putting out, $5 is insanely low.

And even then, the amount most freelancers here charge is still a lot lower than other places.

Don’t like it, leave. Simple as.


who decides this ? ? ?


There are still $5 logos, if that’s what you’re looking for.

However, if you want to buy a $500 logo for $5, then yes, it’s going to be a problem.


Who insure you that Fiverr will must be cheaper forever and will never change their business policy ( Like advertisement ) ? Actually I think your thinking is cheaper.

  1. Someone is making logo for $5. Together with they are may making logo for suppose $200
    Do you think both logo quality are same ? Never !.
  2. Someone may making a logo for $500. Do you think everybody will work for $5 ?

Many sellers are offering their lowest package $5. It is true. But if you check, you will find that most of the time it is a partial work of their services. Most of the time you may not use $5 service for professional purpose.

So change your mind from $5.
Fiverr is not offering everything for $5. Fiverr allows a single custom offer (maximum) for $5000

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Many have left, that’s my point. Fiverr was set up so people could get stuff for a fiverr. If you don’t want to do it for a fiverr you go, it’s not for you.

That time is long gone. Businesses change. You are still able to find $5 sellers if you filter by price.


It looks like you missed a lot.
Fiverr changed their strategy a long time ago moving towards pro sellers with market prices.
It’s not for you to decide what is fiverr strategy but for fiverr itself and they are making a move to be a more reliable and professional platform. However if you wish there are still thousands of 5$ logos. + how about the inflation? 5$ 10 years ago is not the same as 5$ right now


This post is hilarious. I remember when you could get a slice of pizza and a soda for $1 in NYC. That same pizza and soda today will run you $5-$6 easy.


And there are still many $5 gigs, so what’s the problem? Just filter the available gigs by price.

Or you just can’t stand it if you see a price higher than $5?

Do you think it’s possible to survive on $5 gigs alone? Or do you want people to starve to death so you could get a $5 service?


Yes, and buyers only wanting to pay $5 ruined $5 Fiverr by constantly wanting more for less, despite many reselling services as their own for 500%+ markups.

Every single talented seller on Fiverr avoids $5 buyers like the plague. They don’t want cheap prices, they want miracles that they feel entitled to receive because the customer is always right.

If you don’t find people you want to work with charging $5, it’s because they were burned, exploited, passive-aggressively abused, and scammed every day when they did work for $5.

It is FANTASTIC to hear that many $5 big spenders are leaving Fiverr for greener pastures. Hopefully wherever they go next, they’ll learn to appreciate a bargain when they see it.


I would suggest that the good sellers who offer a professional service don’t want to deal with buyers who are looking for a cheap price. It works both ways.