Fiverr NY City Community Team is Looking For 2 Gigs for Holiday Party


Everyone, we have the first Fiverr Community holiday party scheduled for Thursday, December 15 at the NY City Fiverr office. We are giving away several gigs and would like to get 2 seller gigs into a giveaway package. This is a great way to get some free marketing to Fiverr buyers in NY City.

If you are interested in contributing a gig to the giveaway, please respond here with the name of your gig, but do NOT include your gig URL as that is against the rules of the Fiverr forum.

The deadline to submit is Thursday, December 8. After that date, the NY City Fiverr community team will vote on two gigs submitted here. If your gig is selected, we will contact you. We will pick from a list of 2 replies.


  1. You can contribute any gig, any package. That is totally up to you.
  2. If you volunteer here, you must be serious. No mind changing later.
  3. You understand that your gig will be given away. This is not a gig sale.
  4. If you have any limitations, please list them with your reply.
  5. The gig you submit must be your own gig. Do not submit anyone else’s gig.
  6. You can be located anywhere. You do NOT need to be in NYC.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Moderators: If you need verification, please contact Beth W of Fiverr.


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hoo boy, get ready for the bad seller firesale!




Anyway, could you elaborate on what the benefit is for the seller? Don’t give me the “free exposure” argument. Tell me what the actual benefit is for the seller. You say free marketing, but does that mean free marketing to whoever’s hobnobbing at the party (please don’t do a video, or at least hire someone who can shoot a video) that means… well, you’ve just worked for free? Or will there be a blog feature, perhaps a little “featured” for that gig, something?

Additionally, what are these other “several gigs”? Are they paid for? Are they been given away as well? Are they pre-chosen? What is going on–why are you doing this at a party? Is it going to be implemented into some dull PR speech about wonderful community and sellers–who is attending the party? Movers and shakers, or just the same old crowd?

I don’t see much of a carrot here tbh. And you haven’t responded to all the questions on the other post. And probably not these, either. You should contact Beth W to ask her to give you an official tag or something too–why palm this job off onto the mods who are volunteering and being kept out of the loop about stuff like this?

Really, Bruce. You just want 2 people to palm off their best work for free… while offering nothing in return. You even have to ask the mod team to validate all of this. LOL.

Are you being paid to do this? I’m guessing not. Fiverr sure loves its freebies from the community…


Hey Bruce,

This is just FYI since we weren’t aware of all this the first go around. We don’t have a contact for a Beth. Our contact is Matt J. It might be good to establish communications across somehow. The forum is broken right now, also, but if your post stays high enough it should get noticed.


To add to this, I see you responded on your other thread but nobody can see it because all pages after the first page are inaccessible.

Which is another issue that this little competition is going to have. I would recommend fixing a) communications in the community and b) the community forum’s operationality before starting up competitions.

Perhaps you can talk to Mischa at the big party? Of course, that would mean that this competition isn’t very good as it would literally be a first come first served one with approx. 15 entries. Overall… mmm.


Thank you, fonthaunt.


Okay I’m in! one of my gigs are available! fiverr crew can choose from my gigs for the giveaway.



Note to people who want to be successful in getting their gig freebied to the mystery non-buyers. Make your application stand out by going the extra mile. If you just say “me too”, erm, well. Why even bother? This is also why you’re not mek sells, btw.


Excellent, Dave!


Thank you, Emma.



I will give away my basic package for my mentor ship gig and my premium package for my poetry gig.



No thanks :slight_smile: you’re welcome!


This is truly bizarre!
Two free gigs for some mystery buyers:
Do buyers actively participate/attend community events?
Will they go to some newbie seller who has turned up in the hope of free booze? Why is it the sellers who stump up for this? Is the $8 too much for Fiverr to cover?
I’m pretty sure most full time f-lancers are quite sick of the “but think of the exposure” line being dropped by those who are just looking for free work (or those who are deluded). Surely Fiverr and the Community leaders are aware of this particular pain in the ass mentality of some buyers? Why be a part of the problem? Especially odd considering the “exposure” is not even specified…
Be proactive in setting an example - if people want services - pay money.


I must say, this idea is genius. “Enter our amazing competition by December the 8th and you could have the opportunity to work for free for someone in New York!”

What do you think they are going to call the giveaway onsite? Plagiarized Logo Tombola? Blindman’s SEO Bluffing You?

Then again, you never know. Gotta be better than whatever the wedding marketing gimmick was.


Why, sometimes I’m proud to be from the Anglo-Irish Isles.


Rightly so. The world would be a right old mess without tea, potatoes, funny hats adorned with jewels, and the occasional leprechaun. It’s a horror to even imagine.


I couldn’t actually live there though. It’s gone to the dogs now.

I’d argue that potatoes are a filthy American invention and should not be in your list of patriotic things, but then again the Irish and potatoes are pretty much synonymous.

We can compromise on cheese and onion crisps. The finest flavor of “chip” ever to grace the world.

What happened with that wedding thing anyway? I’d forgotten about that and I never did check up to see if they went through with it (like they never went through with their boob cancer charity thing–or at least, they never told us and then deleted the stupid boob cancer badge)


Great initiative, I’m all in for this jab, jab, jab, right hook thing. Count me in too Bruce with any video intro / logo reveal gig of mine if you think they’re a good fit for this giveaway. Would be great to get some exposure to NYC buyers.



Psst, Eoin, observing the state of the forum since I´ve been here, which is, like, 2 months, I suspect it´s not so much that it´s too much for them to cover, but for technical reasons. :wink: