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Fiverr offering Vista Print - cutting in on my business


For those of us that offer a physical product- Fiverr just undercut my business… They have networked with VistaPrint and are now offering the feasibility and discounted pricing to order directly from Vistaprint… Where as in the past, they might order a design from one vendor, then order a product from another gig using the original print. They are slitting their own wrist. I was just shot down on a couple of custom quotes because the user was able to get a discount by ordering through VistaPrint. That’s really unfair Fiverr and you need to amend this relationship.


Fiverr is not slitting their own wrist - they get a bigger commission from VistaPrint affiliation than on gigs, and as more sellers have to over-price their gigs to cover increasing shipping costs - resulting in fewer sales - Fiverr is simply protecting their bank account by adding ‘another revenue stream’ with a big corporation that is more stable.

It’s not good for sellers; it’s all about the Fiverr bottom line.

By the by, you make some really nice buttons!