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Fiverr old seller no order but why

Hello fiverr friend day by day fiverr old seller no order but why? please check my profile please tell me any problem ?


same here… I have also old account and stocked for 2 month.

but why? any problem .

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I am also not getting proper orders since 3 years, from when i created my account. in 3 years i only completed 140 orders, seller two, all positive reviews. but still not getting proper orders, 1 or 2 order in a month maximum, or even 1 or 2 month i am not getting a single order from new client. I have updated gigs according to ALL tips that are giving experts like change title add keyword in title, in description, custom image, image name should gig title etc. but still no impressions. But i get a point that, Only those gigs are up that have 2 or 3 orders in queue. But how we can get order to put in queue?

Maybe you can try to advertise you gig on social media?

I have also tried, but not more, to avoid spamming. can you tell me please what websites are good to share fiverr gig there ? thanks

Also can you have a look on my profile and point out whats issue? thanks

Maybe it would be a good idea to add a video to your gig, it is proven increase the number of orders you get. And I haven’t tried it, but I read somewhere that Facebook is a good place to advertise your gigs. By the way I’m not an expert, in fact I’m still new here myself. But I did a lot of research


Ok Good, I also have added a video, but that gig still going down in impression.

Hi just looked at your page.And on your page I found some grammar and spelling faults, if I were you I would look at that. Costumers pay attention to that too. Overall I think your description and pictures are very good


Thank you checking. can you point out where is grammar and spelling mistake? so i will correct?

“i professional Graphics Designer 06 years experience and also a regular user on Photoshop” should be “I am a professional Graphic Designer, I have 6 years of experience and I am a regular Photoshop user”
“My offering your 20 image background removing white or transparent. only for $5” should be “I offer you 20 images with transparent or white background” ." i professional Graphics Designer and also a regular user on Photoshop" should be “I am a professional Graphic Designer and am also a regular Photoshop user”. and " I will provide you with Creative, Innovative & Professional Quality Work possible!" I think should be :“I will provide the most Creative, Innovative & professional Quiality work possible!” What you think sounds better is 100% up to you. But I think these sentences would be better and more clear if you change them (:+1:(:smile: btw I do think you offer a good service :


LOL, You are seeing profile of Topic creator, and i am not that. My profile is

LOL, wow… I’m sorry, i must’ve clicked on the wrong link

Now I did look at the right page this time lol. You’re page is really good! You do actually have kind of a lot sells. But you have also a lot of gigs that look very much alike. Maybe you could make 2 very similar gigs into one. In my opinion one gig with 60 positive reviews is better than 2 gigs with each 30 reviews. But that’s completely up to you

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Thank you for your suggestion, but now they both have reviews, so i can’t delete one of them,