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Fiverr on May Day!

Today is the historical May Day. We all know what this day is all about. All of the industries are particularly off this day.
So I was thinking on this day does the workers at Fiverr company like customer service and etc etc work all day. Besides that I got some buyer requests today and saw lots of offers being sent to those buyer requests and thought to myself on this May Day people are still working relentlessly without taking breaks. Do you think Fiverr should take a break on May Day, X-mas day and etc important holidays? Would it better?
What do you think? Please Share your opinion it will be appreciated. I think if Fiverr stopped for one day it would be pretty cool and we could time remembering particular events or celebrate holiday.


No - everybody’s at work here in the UK.

Bank Holiday next Monday though.


I’m from the UK, and like @offlinehelpers says, everyone’s working here still. I’m only doing admin jobs today but that’s because I was at college all morning and at a meal to celebrate a friend’s birthday all afternoon. I’ve barely slept in weeks and I don’t have the energy to produce something of high quality at the moment, so I’m thanking high heavens that I have no immediate deadlines. I’m not at college tomorrow so I’m dedicating tomorrow towards catching up.

On a more serious note, I think it could be quite difficult to implement something like this. While stopping work on one day for celebrations, like Christmas day, would be great for some people, what about those who didn’t celebrate? They’d be having to deal with not being able to work simply because Fiverr decided to ban working on certain days.

It’d also be impossible for Fiverr to know every holiday, and I’m sure if they looked hard enough, there would be a holiday every day of the year, cutting down the hours we’d be able to work. All in all, though, Fiverr is a freelancing website, where people can choose how much, or how little, they work. I think some of that glory would be taken away if they started dictating when we could and when we couldn’t work.


In our country official May day will be celebrated on the 7th this year due to Vesak week celebrations.

In case you wonder, Vesak is the remembrance of Lord Buddha’s Birth, enlightenment, and passing away. It’s all lights, lanterns, religious functions all around the country. And there are these places called dansala serve various free food and drinks. :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s true if that happened there would be almost too many days through the year with holidays and everything would turn to a mess. Thanks my simpleton mind didn’t think it that way.

Woah work work and work.

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May Day is a work as usual day here in the US. Some people are not even aware of why May Day is special.


Where are you from? In here, Bangladesh, Vesak is from tomorrow so it’s gonna be another holiday for us.

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That’s pretty sad. Everyone work running after money. We’re just running in circles :confused:

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No idea what May Day is about. :thinking: I thought it was a call for help lol. The only thing I celebrate in May is Mum’s Day or Birthdays.

Also, today I’m working but I’m taking time off to get a :nail_care:t4: manicure/pedicure.


I particularly love being able to choose my own holiday days - for example, I celebrated a Tuesday recently.


You Jokester :joy:

Let me guess you watched a few baking :cake: shows to pass the time, right?

From Sri Lanka :slight_smile:

I didn’t know Bangladesh celebrate Vesak.

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I think it will be an Harrison Ford movie marathon :grin:

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See, @eoinfinnegan a movie suggestion other than baking shows. :wink:

  • Indiana Jones :cowboy_hat_face:

:heart: HF movies.

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Oh Nika, you may be too young to know about May Day, May Day baskets, and the May Pole dance. Or maybe your part of the US never did celebrate it. :thinking: When I was young we would make May Baskets in school and then on May Day we would deliver them to friends and relatives. The tradition was that we would set them on the doorstep, ring the doorbell and then run and hide close by to see if the intended recipient opened the door. When they did, we would pop out, and then the idea was that they were supposed to chase us, and if they caught us, we got a hug or a kiss depending on our relationship with the person. We either put flowers :sunflower: or candy :candy: in the May baskets.

image image

Another May Day tradition when I was a child was to learn to dance the May Pole Dance in school. I was great fun! We had to hold our ribbon and weave in and out with the other children to wrap the pole in a lovely pattern.


I grew up in a farming community with a mostly Scandinavian background and that may be why we celebrated May Day. This is what I found online.

“May Day is a May 1 celebration with a long and varied history, dating back millennia. Throughout the years, there have been many different events and festivities worldwide, most with the express purpose of welcoming in a change of season (spring in the Northern Hemisphere).”

I read it is also Labor Day in some countries.


The Buddhists celebrate. For others Govt. Jobs are off for the day and people rest home.

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I remember that pole dance. It was a part of my junior school functions on May Day. But now all these are forgotten. :frowning: It doesn’t happen any more from what I know…

Thanks for the history, after reading your lovely post. It just dawned on me, I was a kiddo back then but living in the Caribbean we did celebrate this May Day. I vividly remember the May Pole Dance (wow, a blast from the past) I thought it was pretty fascinating. However, that’s all I remember, I’ll ask my older fam members about it! :slightly_smiling_face: :sunflower:

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