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Fiverr on-time delivery going down

I recently completed an order, but the buyer requested additional work. So I added an extra and added an additional day to deliver. I delivered the order within the given time period, but now my on-time delivery statistic has gone down to 85%, with one order?

How is this possible? Is this a bug?


I am not sure consider reporting it to customer support, What I do is I deliver the work if he/she still wants to make changes then I tell him/her to go to inbox and make changes there

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There’s a well-known issue where if you have already delivered, and the buyer requested a revision, if you add a gig extra with additional time the system actually deducts the amount of time passed when the order is in “modification” mode.

So what happened here was that the order probably was flagged as late and you didn’t notice, because you added a day for the gig extra but you originally delivered close to the deadline and the order stayed for hours under revision.


That’s the thing, the rating went down after the order was completed, as it should with orders that are delivered late, but mine wasn’t.

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Thanks for the reply,

And yes I am aware of this bug, but I delivered within 43 of the 48 hours, added an extra within the 48 hours and went to the customer support page to add an additional day, then delivered that in 60 hours while the timer on my dashboard said due in about 12 hours, so I’m really not sure what went wrong here.


It’s a 60 days average score.

When you add an extra and it asks how many days is required for it, I think think the expected delivery date for that extra is based on:

the date&time the original order was created+nr days delivery for original order+duration of any previous extras+duration of the new extra you just created.

And if you’ve done revisions if you enter “1 day” for the extra, the expected delivery date shown for the extra can be in the past. If you see the expected delivery date shown for the extra is wrong when you create it you could withdraw the extra and create a different one. So I think when you create the extra you need to enter the number of days based on the above, not from the current date/time.

Fiverr should make that extra thing (when an order is in progress) a lot clearer I think.

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Unfortunately, I did not use the extra system to add a day, I used the customer support thingy, or whatever it’s called. This clearly states that there will be added one more day to the total delivery time. On the timer I could also see that I had more than 12 hours to deliver and got an email right after saying that I had a deadline coming up in 12 hours.

I’m not sure what went wrong then. And I have done about 15 orders in the last 60 days (off the top of my head) and they were all delivered correctly. So now one order brings the number down to 86%?

I think you said you added an extra and then it went late then you went to the customer support page to add an extra day (the resolution centre/ask buyer to extend delivery I assume) and then delivered within the new expected delivery date/time.

I think then that since it went late (over the order/extra delivery due date) before you extended the delivery date & time through the resolution centre, it would still be counted as late in the stats. If you had extended it through the res centre before the order/extra went late and delivered within the new expected delivery date you should have been okay.

Edit: Or maybe I read it wrong. You could contact CS and they can check the order and say why it was counted as late if it was. If it shouldn’t have been counted as late but was they can fix it/fix the analytics stats and maybe pass any bugs (if there are any) to the developers.

Thanks, I’ll do that

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