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Fiverr on your website? Strategies for self-promo?

Hi friends Just brainstorming about getting creative about getting my Fiverr services out there. I was going to use the awesome Fiverr widget but, while there is a photo of me on there, it’s from when I first made my account and I just don’t like the photo lol. After carefully considering it (because the widget itself is so cute) I decided to post an image button instead.

I’m genuinely curious if anyone else integrates their Fiverr with their blog, website, Youtube or if so, where do you find the most success, in taking the time and sharing? Which platforms, or in what form on your own site, do you promote your Fiverr?

Thanks in advance. Been on here a long time but finally got my first couple sales and carefully considering my future efforts for maximum success with selling.

Take care. :black_heart: :rainbow:


I wouldn’t do this. If you have traffic to these platforms, you might as well save the 20% Fiverr would take on any order. Neither is bringing clients to Fiverr good for them.

I had a major sales slowdown last year and moved a client to Fiverr who started sending me messages a few months later (on Fiverr) asking if we could go back to the old way we used to work. They were realizing they were paying quite a lot in fees.

My way around that was to start creating custom offers where they order in bulk with a discount making up for fees. However, this isn’t ideal, as the whole point of me bringing them here was to have them place lots of small orders to increase my gig metrics and review count.

It can be a good idea to embed your Fiverr reviews on your website as images. However, I personally see no value in adding a widget to bring people here.


Hey those are some good tips about embedding the reviews. I was so ecstatic about getting my 1st good review lol… but definitely right about the extra fees! Thanks for the insight and sharing your experience that helps :smiley: I don’t have toooo much traffic on my own site yet, but so far 50% of my 2 custies here was a friend I brought over here for his order.

It really depends, but for me personally I wouldn’t bring off Fiverr clients to Fiverr. As is now there’s very little to no incentive in doing so, and I also find my off Fiverr clients have a very different perception of business than my clients here. On Fiverr I feel services are often seen as commodities.

I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve got from Fiverr for 20%, and admittedly I love not having to issue invoices myself, alongside with other behind the curtains mild annoyances that Fiverr takes care of on my behalf, but the main thing about Fiverr for me is I don’t have to drive traffic here, I don’t have to chase off clients, I don’t really need, although it helps, to take any major actions to have orders coming in.

Also keep in mind you can always bring clients to Fiverr later on, you cannot however do the other way around…well, technically you can but you’d be breaking their terms of service.

What has worked for me is: I keep the clients whichever way they come. If they found me on Fiverr, then I’m happy to do business with them here even if they suggest otherwise, but if they found me off Fiverr I’ll keep our business outside as well.

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I agree with @cyaxrex and @urdeke if I had off Fiverr traffic, from a platform which I manage, I wouldn’t direct it here. You could hand over your potential clients to competition seeing the platform has an increase in OPs some of whom might be better than you.

The only situation you would consider bringing in traffic from off Fiverr is when you feel your clients will not convert because of a lack of trust and you want Fiverr to act as an escrow.