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Fiverr only support buyers?

Hi All,
I want share my experience with about buyers.
Fiverr is platform only for buyers.
You can not do any thing if buyer buy your gig without any confirmation of job he wanted.

And its necessary for sellers to do what he want to do.
But its very very bad for sellers.

If seller cancel the job its not good for sellers.
If buyer cancel the job its again bad for sellers.
If you refund or buyer ask refund its bad again for sellers.
If you file a dispute or disputed again and again job will be late then again for sellers loss.

yesterday on buyer buy gig and in 5 dollars and i see the requirements in DOC files of 50 dollars package.

I will also tell about end of my job once i see all people comments and suggestions.
looking forward.

You need to upgrade basic packages 10$ or 20$ is best offer also mention in your description “for any complex job message me before placing order” this will also help you to avoid any kind of negative experience.

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The best way to buy a good job is to talk in advance with the seller, so you know that I could say no, for the price you have marked. And so they will achieve all the objectives they expect

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Well said, this is sad but true.

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Incorrect. Fiverr exists to allow sellers a place to feature their services.

Incorrect. You should have automated questions that your buyers are required to answer before the order is activated. If the buyer doesn’t answer those questions, the order does not begin counting down. If you require them to answer those questions, 99% of all buyers are likely to do so. No “confirmation” necessary.

Incorrect. Sellers are not required to do anything that they do not offer within their gig terms and description. You are not a slave to whatever a buyer wants. Stand up for yourself and your services, and your buyers will respect you for it.

If your buyers are routinely demanding more work than you offer, perhaps you need to be more clear within your gig terms and description. Set boundaries and limits and this sort of thing will disappear. You are in control of your services. Stand up for yourself, and enforce your limits.