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Fiverr | Only visible to you 'Buyer Name' is not accepting messages at this time

Buyer sent me a message and ask about his description. Sudden a message has come and I am not able to chat him again. I go to his profile and not redirect to Fiverr home page.

Can anyone tell about this?

Will it create any negative impact on my profile?


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No. It might be due to some problems the site is having now. No one is able to send messages at the moment.

If it says “buyer not accepting messages at this time” it means you may have been blocked by them.

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yeah i think their some problem in site i hope.
keep safe

@sa_classydesign Can you stop parroting my messages here? Thank you.

yes sure @misscrystal

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hi ( buyer ) is not accepting messages at this time. he asked the price for the work and i told then this message " is not accepting messages at this time.what does this mean’'came what does it mean ?

What I noticed, It is because the buyer chose to archive the chat, and thus no one will send messages in that conversation. To do so, the buyer have to unarchive the chat.

SO will this achieving chat impact on our Profile?
Is this mean they report us as well?

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