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Fiverr| Only visible to you *Username* is no longer available

Buyers are unable to contact me.
they got a message like below
Username is no longer available. Here are great alternatives, selected just for you. View top picks.”

I inform about this Fiverr CS but they said there I no issue with my account. Any others having this issue?
Does anyone know the reason or solution for this?


Hmm. I suspect this might be a scam to later encourage you to work off of Fiverr.


Thank you for the reply!
But I have 5s positive rating and no any policy volitions… why they are doing like this without reason? do you know how to i resolve this issue?


As stated in the previous post, it’s more likely them not you. If it is a scam attempt, it’s plenty reason for them to try and trick you. As stated by CS, you’re fine, thus it is the other account that has issues, and they’re the one who will need to reach out to CS.


How did that buyer contact you if they’re getting a message that they can’t contact you?


You’ve misunderstood me.

I’m saying this looks like the messenger is lying about the “only visible to you” claim.

If this is indeed a scam or bug, Fiverr isn’t doing anything to you. This is just a fellow user contacting you.

The only way to know is to contact CS.

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ya i informed this to fiverr CS.but their answer is
"Hi again,
I have carefully reviewed your account and there’s no issue right now! "

Three of my clients informed about this error. the other customers send me only one message and after that no response.(My gig ranked to the first page in the category. last month I got around 10 orders. But this month no at least one order)

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Have you changed any of your profile/account settings recently?

nope. same settings :neutral_face:

Doubt various people are trying to scam you at the same time, this is for sure Fiverr’s messy back-end’s fault.


@mattboa thank you for the comment…Yeah. I too think this is an error of Fiverr back-end…but how can I take action to resolve this error. Fiverr CS is always telling my account is healthy and no problem.

today another customer informed me about this error. for now, four customers informed about this.

Hi guys,
Finally, Fiverr CS resolve the issue. As @mattboa said this was a bug of their end.
thank you all to stay with me to resolve this. I hope to attach my experience with Fiver CS to here from a blog post to help others who have this kind of issues.
@humanissocial @catwriter @imagination7413 @mattboa

thanks again for your ideas and have a great day!